3D Design

I have a dream to one day be a phenomenal 3D modeler and developer of some sort of 3D or 2D game until then I am making 3D models using various tools and uploading them here for people to use. Until I become fantastic at modeling I offer these free to everyone, to use as you wish with out question. Just keep in mind that one day, oh yes, ONE DAY I will be fantastic at modeling and you guys will have to pay for my services. Until then, enjoy! 😀

Here are a bunch of 3D space ships I did a long time ago. I was going to use them for a 3D space game but I got a bit bored with the entire project so ditched it. These are Read More »

These were the first vehicles I have ever made. I thought they turned out pretty nice. One day I will redo them both with more detail and a bunch more depth. I can visualize a nice comic style paddy wagon Read More »

These are a couple of my first buildings that I made. The church was based off an image of a church in Scottland and the smithy was based off an old smithy from the movie Clash of the Titans. Skinned, Read More »