Are you Nuckin’ Futs?!

I've been meaning to post for a while so I'm pulling myself away from studying to review a hot sauce. That's what I do. I am so delinquent in my posts that now I have a whole store of unreviewed hot sauces that I need to taste. Anyway, I'll kick it back off with this hot one.

Nuckin Futs is pretty much what I was saying when I tasted this hot sauce because my tongue didn't work properly when the fire hit. Tasting it plain, I found the sauce to be moderately tart with an unassuming orange/hibiscus flavor. I know that sounds odd, but something in the sauce had a flowery after taste which I can only assume was from the "other spices" as referenced on the ingredients list. Along with habeneros, pepper extract, citrus, and salt; these "other spices" lend themselves well to a very balanced, and flavorful hotsauce.

I decided to ignore the eleven warning labels on the bottle. Yes, eleven warnings, with the largest saying to "Use One Drop At A Time." So what chilihead worries about warning labels when it comes to heat, right? For my tablespoon test, I actually ended up taking two tablespoons full. The heat wasn't there initially and then after the second spoon full I felt the heat in the back of my throat like a bazillion pissed off fire ants. My tongue and lips immediately caught fire and my nose hairs started to smolder. My nose started running and then the sneezes hit me. Ahhh, it felt so good. The sauce was extremely thick which I really enjoyed because it had clinging power. I was able to dowse it onto a burger and it stayed there without soaking into the bun. In soup, it mixed easy. I made some chicken gumbo over the weekend and dowsed a nice healthy serving of Nuckin Futs into it. I was well pleased with the heat as well as it's ability to really enhance the flavor of the food that it pairs itself with without being over bearing.

I must admit. I wasn't going to give Nuckin Futs a good review initially, but after using almost the whole bottle before I even knew it; I felt that it deserved a good review simply because it became my go to hot sauce. So, yeah, this hot sauce is good. It's hot, and it's mean.

You can buy some here: Amazon, Armadillo Pepper, Hot Sauce World

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