Blair’s After Death

When I die, I certainly hope the world I go to is not as hot as Blair's After Death sauce. Filled with all sorts of chunky goodness, Blair's After Death will sway a person to seek salvation in hopes to prevent an eternal damnation of such fiery proportions.

Blair was thinking heat and flavor when he designed this general purpose sauce. Packed with 3 types of peppers, garlic, onions and a plethora of herbs that come together in a harmonic cacophony of bold memorable flavor.The sauce is as balanced in flavor as it is in heat. It was designed to be eaten on everything with the intent to make everything taste fantastic all the while melting your eyeballs out.

The heat of this sauce in no way takes away from the full robust flavor so it tastes good on just about anything. The sauce is not a beginners sauce by any means but it is one that I would suggest to a beginner that wants to dive feet first into high 50,000 scoville units. A little comparison of the heat - Tabasco sauce is roughly 2,500 scoville units.

For the dollar, this sauce is a little high end coming in around $11, but it is duly worth it. The aroma of the sauce will make you shed a tear. The garlicky aroma mixed with the other herbs and spices make a perfume that in and of itself is alluring and begs to be tried. It will bring back all of those childhood nightmares that you lovingly placed in the furthest reaches of your mind so as to never resurface again.

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