Blender Log Entry 5 – Architecture

Since there are so many ways to building houses and other types of architecture I've decided to change the name of my Blender blog entries from "Blender Log Day" to "Blender Log Entry." I do this because some of the projects I am currently working on are taking several days but I want to keep my entries in order. So, without further delay - onward and upward.

Future City
Future City

Entry 5 of my Blender learnings has been filled with learning techniques to do architecture. I've been reviewing tons and tons of tutorials and have come to a conclusion that no one does it the same. While there are some nice techniques our there I am going to have to find out what works best for me. I have learned some techniques that has turned what would previously take me a month into a job of only a couple of hours and for this I am truly happy. My ultimate goal is to put together a city and run it through the Blender game engine.

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