Blue Mountain Brewery: Local Species

Let me tell a story. A while back my mom went to the Blue Mountain Barrel House in Virginia and picked me up several bottles of their beer. As you all know I am not a professional beer reviewer but when I say a beer is good you can pretty much trust my judgement. All the samplings I had were phenomenal and I would recommend every beer from the Blue Mountain Brewery except one.

I opened up one called the Local Species

Local Species Mishap
Local Species Mishap

Local Species
Belgian-inspired, American-hopped, barrel-aged pale ale

Different. Secret. Native. A creation of deep-drawn well water, special barley malts, American hops and Belgian yeast. Aged in charred American White Oak bourbon barrels. A beer as original and beautiful as our native Brookie.

It was flat and it was gawd awful. Being the true beer drinker I am I suffered through it and downed it properly. Well, perhaps a bit too quick to get rid of it. The picture to the right shows how flat and cloudy it was. Oh my gawd it was nasty and it was supposedly an award winner. I didn't get the concept at all for this beer and I wondered if I was losing my mind. Since it was so confusing I had to contact the the company because it just didn't make sense. Normally I just deal with a horrible beer but this time I figured it had to be a mistake.

I sent an email to the brewery explaining what I experienced and even sent pictures. After a couple of days I was contacted by Taylor Smack and he assured me that what I experienced was NOT the beer the way the beer was suppose to be so he offered to send me another bottle. I gladly accepted because I really wanted to taste this beer.

Fantastic Local Species
Fantastic Local Species
I waited about a week and to my surprise there was a nice box from Blue Mountain Brewery at my front door. I was so delighted. I took it out of the box and placed it lovingly into my refrigerator. I waited for about 4 days to the weekend so that I could try it. Now I had very high hopes. I was really excited. I mean, the Brewery sent it to me because they have faith in their beer. I popped the cork...POP! the cork flew off and hit the wall. I let the beer air for a bit and then poured. It came out with such a honey amber color. It was a really beautifully colored beer. I took the first drink and it was like nectar. The beer was robust without a lot of bitterness. It was SOOOOOOOO good.

I'm writing an extended post about this because Taylor did it right. He cared for his customer and most importantly he has faith in his beer. I encourage anyone and everyone reading this to jump on the website and buy their beer. It's some of the best I have ever had. Do business with these guys, you wont regret it. Their uber pils is one of the best pilsners I have had barring the tap pils I use to drink in Zweibruken Germany.

Anyhow the picture to the left is the correction and you can see how beautiful it is.

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