Breaking and Shaking at Steak’n Shake in Mobile Alabama

I've been to Steak'n Shake in Mobile Alabama on Schillinger road twice. My first experience was okay and my second and last experience was bad. We are on weight watchers and very rarely eat out now but on this day we decided to partake in a nice big juicy greasy hamburger. My wife ordered the original steak burger single. This is what they advertise.


While I understand what is advertised and what is actually received will differ. This, my friends, is just horrible. It wasn't even a patty of meat. It was a few crumbs that looked like it was brought out of their grill trap. We were too far away to return it so it was money lost because it wasn't eatable. Do not waste your money on this restaurant. Here are the pics.



Here is an update. I was called yesterday by the manager of the store that did this. She offered me a free meal to compensate and "make right" to us with the problem we had. I declined the free meal because that will not solve the problem. My wife told the manager that the only way to solve the problem is to take the time that we went to the store, find out who was cooking the meal and then retrain or fire the person that thought the meal we received was acceptable. Only by doing this will the problem be "made right." Please do not go to Steak'n Shake until there is a publicly announced reform of the restaurant chain.

We as consumers cannot sit complacent. With the high prices we need to let businesses know we will not be taken advantage of. Businesses need to understand that they are in business because of us and to rip us off is the last thing they should be doing. It is unfortunate that the high price of gasoline won over this time in the fact that we didn't want to spend more money by driving back to the store. This won't happen again though. When the time comes for us to splurge on a hamburger we will sit in the drive through and thoroughly inspect the food before driving off. It is our money and we expect a quality product.

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Steak'n Shake
655 Schillinger Rd S
Mobile, Al 36695
(251) 633-9900

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