Cajohns Magma Hot Sauce

I originally bought the Magma hot sauce because I thought the idea was extremely novel where you have a bottle full of whitesh clear liquid and then when shook the liquid turns magma red just like the label tells you by its name. It goes from whitesh clear to a red hot steaming lava color! The thought of this was just alluring so big points for creativity.

I mean it. Look at the pictures below that I took. The before picture, the one on the left, was a bit murky because I accidentally dropped the bottle but it shows that the color before I shook it up. The top dark line is capsaicin oleoresin which is the hot stuff. Then the bottle on the right was after I shook it. I don't know, but I think it screams impending doom, "Beware this sauce because it will melt your face into a puddle of melted goo." Really, it seems like it was something that Satan himself pissed out over one night of heavy drinking.

Magma BeforeMagma After

So the sauce had positively no smell. There was nothing in the aroma to hint that the liquid would melt the insides of my stomach. The bottle had a plastic retainer inserted that would only allow for a few drops at a time so I removed it and poured a tablespoon full of it. The plastic stopper is typically inserted to slow pouring in very low viscosity liquids. It poured just like water. The liquid was red and I could see the oleoresin separating in the spoon so into the mouth the spoon went. I swished the liquid around and I found something highly interesting. Magma had absolutely no taste. It was salty sour water. That's it. Nothing more. The oleoresin started to work and my mouth began to burn pretty intensely. The resin stuck to every part of my innards and I felt it in my stomach. It was moderately intense but not so much I had to take a drink. The most shocking part of the whole taste test was the intense lack of flavor.

I looked at the ingredients and I was dismayed. The ingredients were water, salt, vinegar and capsaicin oleoresin. Seriously? That's it? There was no creativity in the mixture at all. It was common stuff my eleven year old son could have mixed together with no effort. There was nothing in it that made the sauce stand out one iota over any other sauce.

Pricing was a kind of high for this,and I say very loosely, "sauce". The contents of the bottle were salty water and vinegar to which was priced roughly $9.99. I think the packaging and novelty were really creative but overall not worth the price. I would wave to classify Cajohns Magma as a bomb.

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