Do overs – man, what a waste

Here I am after a long time writing back on my blog. I lost a lot of weight; almost 75 lbs. I was able to go to Universal Studios with my son and ride all the rides with him. We had a great time. I had accomplished my goal. You know what? I was dumb. I set a goal that had an end date. After we got back from the parks I got off weight watchers and started eating again. I then got a new job and relocated to a new city and state. I uprooted my family and moved them all to Georgia. In the process of all the stress, good health went out the window and now, here I am, weighing just shy of what I originally weighed when I started the weight loss program.

What an idiot I am. All that hard work and I tossed it out the window; but today starts a new day. With my wife, we have made some long term life time goals. We've signed back up on Weight Watchers and plan on sticking to it. We know the plan. We know what needs to happen to make it work. As I sit here typing this I'm munching on a piece of celery and I have bit of advice to people in the same boat as me and my wife. Don't feel sorry for yourself and get a "I can't do it" mental attitude. Call yourself and idiot. Pull up your pants around your flab and tell yourself that you can do it. It's not hard if you remain focused. There is no fat disease so get over it. We eat unhealthily because we are too weak to do what's right.

So, my new starting weight is 330lbs

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