First Game Released!

So I decided to release my first game today.  It’s called Shootout!. It’s currently in beta on the play store while I do some finishing touches to it, but all in all the game play is there.

Shootout! is a head to head game where one player duels another by trying to be the first to shoot a puck into the other players end zone. This game was wildly popular in the 1970’s and early 80’s. All the kids wanted to have Crossfire! Now with the company closed, and the game no longer in production, Shootout! is a re-imagined version on the tablet. Go retro and get the same competitive feel by playing face to face on your tablet. You’ll get caught up in it!

I had this game as a small kid.  It was the best 30 minutes of play I ever had with my friends.  We also learned that the plastic pistols could be taken off and we could use the guns to shoot at other things, not just the pucks on the game board.  It’s a wonder I have any eye’s left.

I plan on adding a story mode and network play in the future but not right now.  The story mode requires making graphics and sprites which I just am not good at.  I’m going to move on to another small game for a while and take a break from Shootout! while people test it and give me critical feed back.

You can get it from the Play Store at this link:


You can Roast my game at Roast MY Game:

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