Haven’t posted in a while so here’s a dream I had last night.

It was a bizarre place that I found myself. I stood in the middle of a small white room filled with boxes and bags; a wooden bunk bed sat in one corner. The bed was made up carefully in a nice dark blue linen set that really brought out the dark mahogany frame it of which it was built. The corners of the sheets were pulled taught as if ready for military inspection. To my right was a chair that needed to be assembled. I wasn’t sure why it need assembling or for that matter why it was apart in the first place. Other pieces of the chair were hidden within the mountain high boxes that lined the walls of the rooms. After collecting all the pieces of the chair I found a small bag of screws and bolts taped one of the arm rests. With a slow pull and a sound that could only be described as satisfying I pulled the taped bag off the chair in its entirety. I looked at the bolts and screws and realized that they were too small to repair the chair. The linen. It sure did make the bed look soft. “Perhaps I should take a nap and wait for THEM to return.” I thought to myself.

I awoke from my nap and found myself lying on a large wooden stage. The curtains were open and a large crowd was gathered around the floor below. I had a Florida Gators fuzzy blue blanket wrapped around me keeping me toasty and warm. An announcer across from me and by my feet crackled over a loudspeaker, “Everybody Dance!” After some clicks I could hear Chubby Checkers singing The Twist. The music went on

Come on baby, let's do the twist
Come on baby, let's do the twist
Take me by my little hand and go like this
Eh ah twist baby, baby twist
Ooh yeah just like this
Come on little miss and do the twist.

Down below; in front of the stage, danced women in white socks and yellow poodle dresses. They twirled and glided together in tight synchronicity. The men accentuated their hair lines as they moved their hands casually through their carefully waxed hair; so cool they were. My son came into the room and said “Dad, you should have gone to the flea market with THEM.”

I got up and looked through a few bags that were sitting around. I found alcohol and cookies. I let out a slight breath because I knew that my mom was visiting. I went to the door that was behind me. I’m not sure if the stage was still there but the door had been there from the beginning. It was a normal, white, in-door door that had a normal twenty five dollar Home Depot door knob on it with no lock. I went through it. Beyond the door was a fairly large room. My wife, Laurie, was watching a black and white television show on my sister. My mom sat to the right, glued to the television that was, for some reason, my sister. “What type of creature was that?” My mom asked Laurie. “It was a God creature.” She returned.

I shrugged with a smile and went to the front door. The door was broken but not exactly broken as one would think a broken door would be only the laminate covering was peeled off that gave it the appearance of being seriously broken. That didn’t bother me because a little bit of gorilla glue could fix it with no problem. Opening the door I looked outside. To my right was a garage. The door was open revealing a dark damp cave. Outside was bright. The grass was a river of flowing green. The air smelled fresh.

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