Shape Buster – 2nd Game

I’m happy to announce my second game that I have published to the app store.  It’s called Shape Buster and is fun for the whole family.  The app is currently in beta.

Shape Buster is an extremely challenging shape breaking game where you guide a oddly shaped paddle around a player field all the while managing to bounce a ball off the paddle and into the creatively hand drawn shapes that are laid out on the game field. Experience multi-level play in wonderful eye appealing and colorfully placed patterns.

How far can you go? Do you have the dexterity and agility to handle all the levels or will you rage and throw your device across the room? On that note, the developer is not responsible for your anger outbursts and destruction of your mobile device when you throw it against the wall. Play it at your own risk, but enjoy trying. Remember to be nice, because nice people are cool.

Here is the app store link.  Please download, play and test.  Find anything that needs changing, fixing or a feature to add please let me know.

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