J&D’s Bacon Hot Sauce: Think Geek hits a homer

There comes a time when things go good and then there comes a time when things go great. This time things went great. The guys at thinkgeek.com knocked it out of the park for me.

I was a little late, but I decided to do some shopping with my son on the thinkgeek.com website last Friday. We ordered several goodies; two of which I will discuss below. After spending $70 on the site, my son asked when we would get the box. He desperately wanted it before Christmas and before he left to his grandma's house. This gave Think Geek a total of 3 days to get the box to my son providing they worked and shipped on Saturdays.

With the holidays being in full swing and people, much like me, buying mail order and wanting their goods the following day I thought that there would be little chance of my son seeing the box until after the holidays. With the closing of post offices, ups stores, and the like my outlook for an early arrival package was not entirely positive.

Every day my son expressed his desire of the package arriving early. He hoped and prayed that he would get his goods.

Last night things couldn't have been better. We were watching a movie as a family and getting in some really good family time. My son was watching the clock and counting down the time that UPS would not show up because he knew that UPS has a delivery time in our area at any time before 8pm. It was 7:30pm and I told him that I was sorry the box didn't arrive because today he was leaving for his grandma's house. While I was trying to ease his mood there was a loud knock on the door. The look on my sons face from being down in the dumps and a gloomy Gus to that of a huge smile filled with anticipation he yelled, "It's here it's here!!" so loud that I know it must have startled the person on the other side of the door.

He hurried to the door, opened it, and what do you know? There was a Think Geek box sitting in front of the screen. I was amazed. My son grabbed the box and ran into the house. I snatched it from his hands. I was going to play a joke and tell him not until Christmas but the look on his face was simply over powering. We opened the box and there you have it. The boy was completely thrilled and smiles abound. Thanks Think Geek!

Two of the items in the box I want to discuss. One being J&D's Bacon Popcorn and the other was Bacon Hot Sauce.

I had seen J&D's Bacon Popcorn on the thinkgeek.com website before and had always wondered about it. It was one of those things that you look at and wonder about all the time. I decided this time to buy it since it was a special time of year and I had a 10 year old boy telling me just how great it would be to have bacon popcorn.

While we were watching the movie as a family we wanted to make some popcorn so it was super fantastic the thinkgeek.com purchase came. I was a bit skeptical that the bacon popcorn would be like the other types of flavored popcorn's; greasy, overly salty, and some sort of weird powder covering the bag that gets all over your hands and smears your clothes if accidentally dropped. it was none of that. For flavored microwave popcorn the bag was clean and dry. The smell was incredible. It smelled like a pound of bacon cooking on the stove. The popped kernels were plump and incredibly white unlike other flavored popcorn's that seem to make kernels small and hard/chewy. There was a good crunch to the popcorn. Grabbing handfuls of the popcorn to cram into an open mouth did not result in a greasy hand. I was thoroughly impressed with the quality of this product. The popcorn did not look like a flavored popcorn - white, non greasy and very fluffy white kernels.

The taste of the popcorn was out of this world. My wife, who is an avid hater of flavored popcorn's, summed up the flavor quite well. She said, "This is the best popcorn I have ever tasted." I have to agree with her. The flavor was not too intense. It had a nice smokey bacon taste that did not over power. Unlike other flavored popcorn's that taste like the flavor is manufactured and then poured on the kernel, the bacon flavor of this popcorn tasted like it was part of the popcorn itself.

So J&D's Bacon Popcorn gets a huge groonesworld stamp of approval. I fully recommend buying this the first chance you get. You will not regret it.

Next in line for discussion is the Bacon Hot Sauce. I've seen it online and have always wondered. I consider myself a hot sauce aficionado looking for the hottest and most tasty hot sauces around. While Bacon hot Sauce does not win any scoville awards for hotness, it does win on the flavor.

This is a family style hot sauce that can be enjoyed at all levels to put a little zing into what ever it is that is being eaten at the time. The heat is way below regular Tabasco as it seems to lack in capsaicin which is the waxy part of chili peppers that burn you mouth.

The developer of this product went for flavor over heat and I believe it was a pure win. The flavor is out of this world. The smokey taste of bacon is heaven. On the bottle it said the sauce is good on eggs, so this morning I poured a liberal amount on my over easy egg and toast. It was heaven. I can't say enough other than buy this product. Buy a lot of it.

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