Toxic Waste by the Poison Pepper Company

A couple of months ago I made a trip to the Bass Pro Shop to enjoy their hot sauce center. While there I came across a nifty little bottle that had an even niftier little label. The label was catchy with a colorful sweating skull and crossbones and fire coming out of its mouth. It screamed hot. In dripping text the top of the label boldly declared its name as "Toxic Waste."

Toxic Waste is an extract sauce by the Poison Pepper Company. It's a dangerous mix of habaneros, orange juice concentrate and a dash of capsaicin to make a very potent, and edible sauce. At 91,000 scoville units this sauce boldly stood out as something that would pack a tremendous punch.

  • Color - The color of the sauce is nice. It's a dark burnt red. Almost favoring the color of a nice dark red brick. The color is real and not fabricated using artificial coloring.
  • Aroma - The aroma is soft and almost similar to worcester sauce but if a deep inhale is taken it can cause the eyes to water and possible induce a sneeze. It's not bad smelling and it's not entirely dynamic. It doesn't attract or make me want to eat it and it doesn't detract. It's kind of a neutral smell.
  • Taste - the sauce has a very smooth flavor with a hint of sweetness, almost fruity. I was a bit skeptical at first because most habanero sauces are a bit bitter and have a typical habanero flavor. This one stands out with its sweet flavor.
  • Chunkiness - I like sauces that have seeds and chunky pepper goodness in them. Toxic Waste was loaded with seeds and pepper chunks making for a nice thick sauce which was kind of unexpected for an extract sauce.
  • Bite - It did burn the tongue a bit and lingered for quite a while but it was manageable and not uncomfortable.
  • Afterburn - The afterburn was pretty cool. It crept into the back of my nasal cavity and made me sneeze and cough. It also cleared my sinuses quite well. I did not experience any heat fluctuations caused by it.
  • Packaging - The sauce came in the basic 5 fl. oz bottle that most hot sauces are packaged in. It was sealed in a nice shrink wrap cap cover that told me that the product would be fresh. The label was catchy with the companies cool logo, vibrant colors and eye popping fonts. It told me that this toxic waste was from the bottom of the barrel.
  • Cost - I paid $8.95 at the Bass Pro shop which is a popular price for off the shelf hot sauces.

So wrapping this up, I must admit that I am pleased with this extract sauce and recommend it highly. At 90,000 SHU it packs a good punch but not too extreme to make the food it's used on inedible. Straight out of the bottle it had me sneezing and coughing but the taste was really good. This sauce is a bit too extreme for anyone starting out but for the experienced hot sauce enthusiast it is a good one to use regularly as a sauce on your favorite foods.

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