Weight Loss Log Week 1

Weight Loss Week 1
Weight Loss Week 1- 321 lbs

I weigh 321 lbs and am 5' 10" tall - I'm short and dumpy and middle aged. I'm a prime target for all sorts of self defeating fat guy diseases such as diabetes. Two years ago I lost a whole bunch of weight as a promise to my son so that we could ride the rides at Universal Studios and Island of Adventures because fatties can't ride rides...they just don't fit in the chairs. It was over Thanksgiving holiday and was very fun; we had a great time, but after the holidays, having fulfilled my commitment to my promise I gave up on the weight loss and have since gained back the weight I lost. I like to eat. I like to eat lots of bread, cheese, meat and sausages...I'm not a candy and cookie guy thankfully.

Two things caught my eye while at a local Walmart and out to lunch with my son that have persuaded me to make a lifetime promise to my son and to myself. What I saw will ever be ingrained in my mind and will be used as an extra incentive to pursue a healthier life. The first thing I saw, while at the Golden Corral with my son (yeah, a buffet of free meat), was a guy my age that was very over weight. He could barely walk. He wore a long shirt that covered his giant gut that flapped over his belt-line of pants that were squeezed so tight I was afraid he was going to pop if he sat down. He waddled with a huge plate of food and looked absolutely disgusting. His face was eerily white and it was noticeable that his body just couldn't get the blood to it. I saw him try to sit at a booth but gave up finally sat at a table with movable chairs. He didn't use utensils while eating. Oddly, the Hermins Hermits song, "I'm Henry the VIIIt, I am" ran through my head which didn't make sense since it was about him marrying the widow next door...perhaps it was because I imagine Henry the VIII as portrayed in the movies as a gluttonous pig.

The second thing that caught my eye was several months ago I was at Walmart with my wife and we were grocery shopping. I spotted a guy who was my age. He was huge and using one of those scooter carts. As he turned around in the cart I noticed he had no legs. He was an amputee and not due to any accident. His loss of limb was due to his weight. It was very obvious that his massive girth was killing him. Here, before me, was a man that could be me and due to weight was probably going to be dead in another year or so. The startling thing about it was that it didn't look like he was doing anything about it. His fat wife was piling into the basket so many unhealthy things; even thin chocolate wafers which reminded me of good ol' Mr. Creosote.

You don't know who Mr. Creosote is? Well, he was a very large fella...exceptionally fat...that went to a restaurant and was served buckets of food. As he ate, he would throw up into a bucket to make room for the next course. At the end of his meal the Maitre d' offered him a very thin chocolate after dinner wafer. Under protest of not being able to eat another thing Mr. Creasote ate the wafer. Upon eating the wafer a loud rumbling could be heard at which time Mr. Creasote blew up all over the restaurant.

So I stop and I think to myself. Is this where I want to be? Is this how I want to die? Do I want to die a fat person from some fat person disease. I can see the picture now, 24 people carrying my casket and a crane to hoist me below...and that would be after the cremation process. Or would I rather die a skinny person from doing some silly stupid skinny person thing like jumping out of an airplane with a parachute. I think, being able to go on an exicting journey with my son would be the way to go. He is 12 years old and right now wants to be a Forensic Archaeologist. Visions of Indiana Jones go through my head, but I can't be Indy if I weigh two tons. I also want to see my son succeed in life and if I keep doing what I am doing then I'll miss it. Sure, anything can happen that would cause me to miss it, but if I maintain my current path then it is a given.

Being fat is easy. The owners of the United States encourage me to be fat. Everywhere I look there are signs that say, "hey Groone, Big Mac's are only a dollar" and "hey Groone, a 12 pack of Taco's for $5." On television, every commercial segment has a food commercial that has subliminally charged advertising built in just below the subconscious. In the stores, do I want to pay a dollar for five candy bars or three dollars for one orange? It's expensive to eat healthy. It's an up hill battle. I quit smoking about 15 years ago and I find quitting being fat a whole lot harder.

I have made up my mind several months ago. I'm not going to be those fatties I saw. I refuse to be them. I'm not going to die sitting down. I'm not going to die fat. I promise my son I will see him succeed, get married, and bounce my grand kids on my knee - I will not die by being unhealthy. I am changing my life style and I am doing it for myself and no other person except me. I've been waiting for the holidays to get over to start this so I want everyone to know that this is NOT a new years resolution. Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years tend to revolve around eating so much so that starting off during the holidays would have been too difficult.

Starting weight: 321

I will be weighing in every Monday. I feel that a Monday weigh in will keep me honest over the weekends. I am doing Weight Watchers again and for the first couple of weeks I will not be doing any heavy work outs but rather some simple calisthenics that will assist in minimizing visceral fat. Visceral fat is the fat that is around organs that you can't see. It's the killer fat.

Until Next Monday. Bye for now.

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