What’s going on? Working, programming, and beer; Oh My!

workingI haven't updated in a while; but there is good reason for it. This is by no means an excuse, well, perhaps it is but it's my story and I'm sticking to it.

Firstly, I have been working a great deal lately. It seems like every piece of hardware in my data center decided to go out all at once and if that wasn't enough I had domain controllers apparently demote themselves. I checked for viruses, root kits, and back doors and none were found but the dc's were in fact demoted and not cleanly so I had to do a dcpromo /forceremoval and then I had to manually clean the metadata. All this made for a couple of very busy weeks.

Secondly, I am working real hard to update MyJobList which was a php script I did many years ago. The rewrite is intensive and really makes this program come alive in functionality. It is completely updated with new MySQL queries for the latest version of MySQL and I have removed all the deprecated php 4 code to current code that much more efficient. I also gave the program a name change so as not to confuse the old version. The new name is PhpJobList. Lastly on this topic, the next program to work on is Recipe Holder which is pretty good right now, and doesn't need a rewrite. It just needs some of the deprecated code changed and some features added.

Thirdly, I started a new Beginners C# (C Sharp) class where I am learning to program. C# is really becoming one of the most widely used languages in game programming. I have hopes of one day leaving the information technological support and services gig and entering into the world of programming. I love to program and could do it 365x24x7. I also hope to be writing Windows 8 phone and tablet apps in the next couple of weeks since C# is one of the languages that are used for it. I would venture to say that C# will be the Windows 8 language of choice in the near future.

Fourthly and most importantly; I've been sampling some more beers for you. Of my favorites. the Samuel Adams 13th Hour would be my favorite with Boddingtons coming in a strong second. The Magic Hat 9 was disgusting. Pics below -








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  1. I have been searching for a simple script to use on a web site that can list some employment opportunities for days.

    I probably looked at 50 scripts until I came across MyJobList .

    What an awsome little script!

    I easily installed and set up script to work on my site, it is perfect for what I want to do, great job, I look forward to your update.


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